C’est La Vie

C’est La Vie

Warm. Delicious. Simple

It begins with the light, so strong you can taste it—seasoning the region of Provence with irresistible smells and flavors.

Nathalie Tournier’s ties to this fragrant land and its intensely flavorful cuisine in southeastern France reach back for generations and generations.

Picnics every Sunday in these Provencal hills were a strong tradition throughout her childhood, and a marvelous celebration of family life.

It was inevitable that Nathalie and her daughter Chloe would begin to paint a portrait of their country by sharing some of this delicious Mediterranean way of life.

A crackling warm baguette, fresh French pastries, and of course…the flavorful depth of a hearty Provençal Ratatouille with some eggs and cheese!

A special retreat where you can come to rest, read, work, and meet friends, in a warm and inviting environment.

Warm. Delicious. Simple … C’est la Vie!

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